Fort Meigs 2003
Fort Meigs 2003
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About The Forces

Although membership in The Forces is recorded individually or by family, most members also belong to a unit, usually depicting a British or French military company, or a member of Native America during the French and Indian War. These units are accepted as members of The Forces by a vote of the general membership.

Units or individuals take part in Living History events at sites throughout North America. In addition, many members are involved in more traditional activities, such as research. Their work appears in the Journal of The Forces of Montcalm and Wolfe.

The mission of The Forces is to bring history to life. Living History is a hobby for most Forces members. The Forces is a community of like-minded people. Members share a meal as well as information. Units often meet together outside of Forces events.

The Forces is a group of friends that is constantly looking for new friends to share their love of history, their activities, and their willingness to share the mission.

The Forces were formed in the Midwest, and many of our events are located in the Great Lakes region. Yet, in the decade and a half since it began, The Forces has grown considerably, with members from throughout the United States and Canada.

Members and units support Living History events at historic sites, such as Fort Niagara and Fort Ticonderoga in New York, Fort Toulouse in Alabama, Fort de Chartres in Illinois, and Fort Loudonn in Tennessee.

There are many other events and programs for members, including a few Members-Only (non-public) events providing a chance to work or just relax in a situation without the necessity to interact with visitors.

The Forces encourages family participation. Much of the program at events is military history oriented, however, in the eighteenth century this did not exclude women and children. Often a man's military service was near his home, and his family might be near him. Also, women accompanied the armies, officially as laundresses and also served as cooks and nurses. The eighteenth centrury military experience was closely related as part of the total culture. If you or your family's interests lean toward food, language, music, religion, or even the politics of the period, you will find a place in The Forces.

The Forces is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. The Board conducts the business of The Forces, and sets the guidelines to ensure safety at events and to promote a high standard of historical accuracy in all aspects of the public program. Standing and ad-hoc commitees of directors and membership are continually working to improve The Forces programs.

Members of The Forces receive:
  • The Annual Event Guide
  • Invitations to Members-Only events
  • Access to expertise concerning the history and equipment of the French and Indian War
  • The fellowship of the Forces members

The Forces has an annual dues of $20 per household or family.

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